Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Changing Lanes And Driving Blind

Working the swing (1100 to 2300) and transitioning to the mid (2000 to 0800) frankly sucks. Unlike all of our other shifts, we only get a day and a half to make the transition. You go from working a semi normal shift, no traffic to or from work, you get home in time for late night television, wake up and repeat. Making your body go from working during the day to working in the middle of the night is hell on your body. After doing this transition 4 times already, you'd figure it would be that bad, but it never does get easy.

Weird day today, well, I wouldn't call it a day, because I didn't wake up until 1300, and went back to sleep at 1600. My fiancee's parents invited us out to dinner to celebrate my birthday early. They even got me a present. Not that it is all that strange, I practically lived with them my last 2 months at Power School, but still. You always hear the shit that you are part of the family, but for someone to actually mean it, it's kind of a weird feeling. I've got to give big ups to my fiancee's dad and family, they are dropping 6-7 grand on wedding they had roughly 4 months notice on. Most of it is to keep their daughter happy, but if she's happy, I'm happy. And I don't have to sleep on the couch. Which is a good thing. Our couch sucks.

So, I'm standing watch on the pig (MTS-635, the Samuel Rayburn, 1950's piece of shit submarine), after Charley hit us, and apparently, the pig got fucked up a little more than anyone thought. The first thing that happened was that we got a scrammer when the 'cane came through, due to the fact that shore power got kicked out. My question is, there were people on the god damn boat, why was the reactor running? Shore power is subject to all sorts of transients, believe it or not it is actually safer to run a nuclear reactor than really on the local power company.

Anyway, back to the watch, I'm standing Aux. Elect with "The Beast" on the ass end for my final credit watch. So they sim out a loss of main lube oil, and for the AEA that means we run to the EPM and man it and shift propulsion over. That's going all well and good, and I pass it. So then, they run an electrocuted man in a DC switchboard, and about 2 minutes later while we are securing the EPM, someone actually gets electrocuted in Engine Room Lower. How fucked up is that? I mean, what are the odds that someone gets for real electrocuted while running an electrocuted man in a switchboard drill. Anyway, we call into the box to see what they want us to do. The watch officer student actually told us to continue with the drill and tend to the real shit later. I was standing there just stunned until my over instruction kicked me in the left cheek.

Of course 4 seconds later we hear "Auxiliary Electrician, 2JV". So I call in "Aux Electrician, Maneuvering, 2JV", and the watch officier's over instruction just says "Beaston, Vaughan, go find out watch the fuck happened in Lower, never mind this fucking idiot". I guess the watch officer failed that watch, because the pompous little ass marched out of maneuvering as we were heading down the ladder to Lower. Turns out this student had found some uncovered wiring and legitimately took 450V. Dipshit, he saw the exposed wiring, he should have just told somebody. We have to stop the drill set, set up a work area, tag out the breaker, and call in a DC team to fix it. Luckily the staff watch officer blazed off the drills I need so I passed the watch for not doing shit, and actually responded properly to a real casualty. Kind of cool.

3 more weeks till I qualify. I can't wait to get the fuck out of that place. That thing is a floating turd.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

What the fuck, a blog?

I sold out.

I swore I would never start one of these. But certain things happen when you are perusing the 'net after a long day at work and you find out O-Town has another video (and it's quite a train wreck, I only threw up in my mouth three times while watching the first 2 minutes of it). So if that can happen, then I suppose I can write about some of the fun (well, not really...) stuff I see on a daily basis. I sound like Fred Savage already, you too can relive the "Blunder Years" with me!

I am a government employee. It's not something to brag about or anything. I didn't even have to interview for the position. When I was going for this job, they checked to see if I had a heartbeat, was breathing, and could pee in a cup. Notwithstanding the third element, I was a pretty good candidate. As a government employee, I am subject to low pay, shitty hours, and genereal degradation by the general public for siphoning off their tax dollars.

However there are some benefits to the job. The snazzy poly bell bottoms, the dog bowl hat, the pussy cape, and the simple fact that you can be gruntled about your job, and everybody understands.